Home is a place, but it’s also a feeling.


Many people walk into a home looking for that feeling. We help you find that, but we also help you navigate the many feelings, emotions, and fears that can sneak in and steal the excitement from your property search. 


The home buying process is filled with checklists, paperwork, appointments, multiple professionals, and timelines. It’s full of dreams, expectations, and a heavy dose of reality. 


Many buyers don’t know what questions to ask because they “don’t know what they don’t know.” They also don’t know what steps to expect during the process, which is why our aim is to streamline your Pittsburgh real estate search and make every step of the process super clear.


An Accredited Buyer's Agent represents you and ensures your needs get met throughout 

the home buying process, but you shouldn’t look for just anyone to represent you. You should choose someone who values you and your experience as much as the transaction. 


Through attentive listening, personable service, effective problem solving, friendly interactions, and a trusted professional opinion, we help you find a home you love and enjoy the process of making it yours.


When you work with us as your buyer’s agent, you always receive: 

  • A professional opinion on the real estate market in your area
  • Attentive service that documents and refers to your must-haves, must-dos, timelines, and dreams
  • Negotiation savvy to ensure you buy for an appropriate price that’s in line with your expectations
  • Clear navigation through any setbacks that come to light during an appraisal, inspection, or other milestones


Here’s a Quick Break Down of the Home Buying Process and a Roundup of Must-Read Tips to Make Your Journey a Smooth One


The Home Buying Process

Step1 : Check Your Credit Report and Score—You can pull one free report once per year or pay a minimal fee to check it again, if you’ve already done so. Your score is important for considering loan terms and down payment requirements. It’s also important to check your report for any inaccuracies and dispute them right away, if necessary.

Step 2: Get Pre-Approved—You don’t always have to put a 20% down payment on a home and many loans require little to no down payment. Shop around for the right lender and then request a pre-approval. A pre-approval is much better than a mortgage qualification in that it gives you a clearer picture of the loan amount you qualify for and more securely guides you and your REALTOR® on your home search.

Step 3: Select Your Buyer’s Agent—Appoint a REALTOR® as your buyer’s agent to ensure you understand every step of the process and get helpful support as you search, make an offer, negotiate, and close on your home.

Step 4: Begin Your Property Search—With the help of your buyer’s agent, start looking for and setting up viewings at homes that meet your criteria and fall into your price range based on your pre-approval.

Step 5: Make an Offer—The house you love today might be the home someone loved yesterday and falls in love with tomorrow so if you’ve found your dream home, make an offer. 

Step 6: Apply for a Mortgage—Explore all of your mortgage options—from fixed-rate to variable-rate and make sure to asks lots of questions along the way. Apply for the mortgage that’s right for you. 

Step 7: Close on Your Home—The closing process includes many steps including a home inspection, title search, final walkthrough, and more. We help you through and keep you up-to-date on every step of the closing process.

Step 8: Move In!—Once you’ve closed, your home is yours. It’s time to move in!

Each stage of this process is made up of varying steps, which we outline and explain to you in detail in your buyer’s consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start the process of Buying a home? 


We sit down and have a buyer consultation meeting where I explain the first steps and how the process works. My recommendation is to start by getting pre-approved and then book your buyer consultation, because once you know your purchase power, it is easier to focus your search. 


How much do I have to put down and what fees are involved? 


There are a variety of loans and financing available for buyers. It is best to have this conversation with a mortgage professional, but you can put as little as 3% down when buying. Fees include: lender fees, title insurance, transfer taxes, taxes and insurance, HOA fees (if applicable), flat commission for buyers agent and document preparation by an attorney or title company. Home inspection fees are due at the time the inspection is done. Your mortgage lender will help you estimate each fee so you have a clear and concise picture of the costs.


Do you have recommendations for mortgage professionals and home inspectors? 


Yes, over the years I’ve worked with many people who can help you throughout the process and after. I’d be happy to introduce you to some of my favorite professionals who’ve excelled at supporting my clients.

Ready to book your complimentary buyer’s consultation? If you think we’d make the perfect buyer’s agent for you, let’s set up a chat! Reach out to us via the link below.